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In January of 2012, Lily Lodge of Malcom consolidated with Corinthian Lodge of Brooklyn, changing the name to Poweshiek Lodge. 

The present Officers of Poweshiek Lodge for 2015 are:Larry Ehrig., Worshipful Master; Bill Dayton, Senior Warden; Richard Gibson, Junior Warden; Jim Schwiebert, Treasurer; Terry Osborne, Secretary; Charles Stepanek, Chaplain; Charles Stepanek, Senior Deacon; B.J. Poe, Junior Deacon; Dave Schwiebert, Senior Steward; Jim Eichhorn, Junior Steward; and Max Higgason.Tyler.

Living Past Masters of the Lodge are: Ross Mc Culla, Dale Lippincott, Robert Willett, Marvin DePauw, Dean Montgomery, Duane Munson, Ronald Stonebraker, Max Higgason, Charles Stepanek  J. Ronald Everist, Charles Ormiston, Roger Nelson, Edison Sharp Jr., Lee Adkins, Curtis Riedel, Terry Osbome, Lon Fisher, Charles Rohrer, Eugene Mann, Jim Schwiebert, and David Schwiebert.

Poweshiek Lodge has always been very supportive of community projects. They have helped many needy families and individuals in time of misfortune. Health equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs crutches, hospital beds etc. have been furnished for those in the community, who need such help, without charge.

If you have any questions about Masonry or Poweshiek Lodge please call Junior Sharp at 641-528-5405 or
send an email to: Poweshieklodge@gmail.com




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